Benefits of Review Software and Response Services

Monitoring Customer Feedback Online

Over 88% of customers now trust online reviews just as much (if not more) than personal recommendations. With that type of interaction rate, brands must engage with their core audiences across social media tools and review-driven directories. Regardless of your level of experience with these tools, the amount work involved in setup, interaction, and review can be daunting.

Let Us Respond allows you to gain the benefits of these tools without hiring an in-house social media manager or customer engagement specialist. We serve as your customer response partner, providing software plus service to increase data transparency, protect your reputation, and improve your local visibility online.

Leveraging Data Transparency

With so many social media tools and digital channels capturing reviews online, it can be exponentially difficult to track your customer feedback the moment it arrives. Many platforms and directories make it increasingly difficult to manage accounts, view reviews, and respond in real-time.

Let Us Respond takes the difficulty out of the process by providing an all-in-one software platform for managing dozens of review directories and social media tools in one place.

Our professionals can pull review data across all of these platforms to see what your customers are saying in near real-time. We can then professionally respond on your behalf and measure the results within comprehensive, dashboard-based reports.

Transparent Data
Protecting Your Reputation

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For businesses just starting out, customer feedback online can set the tone for your ongoing reputation. For more established brands, your reputation hinges on your collective portfolio of those online reviews. 

No matter what size of business your brand operates or what scale social media plays in it, Let Us Respond can help manage, maintain, and protect your reputation online. Our professional response team can help you isolate conflicts the moment they happen, deescalate negative reviews, and protect your reputation for years to come.

Does your brand across multiple locations or websites? No problem. With our integrated review tracking software, we can quickly set up all of your business locations into a single account, monitor reviews across dozens of social media platforms, and professionally respond to each review as a single brand voice.

Improving Local Visibility (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one the best ways to drive organic visitor traffic to your company's website. However, with so many competitors vying for top search results, it's easy to get lost at a national scale. As a result, search engines continue to recommend leveraging local SEO to better rank for local searches online. 

With Google Reviews and Google My Business playing such a large role in search results, it's no wonder a company's reputation hinges on what customer feedback is visible in these listings. In addition, many local directories (Yelp, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, etc.) can show up as some of the top results of your brand.

Thankfully, Let Us Respond understands how much of this visible feedback is on the line and provides tools for managing these review platforms en masse. Armed with a professional response team and software, you can rest assured that the process will help improve your local SEO strategy from day one.

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Combining Software & Professional Response Services

By partnering with Let Us Respond, you're harnessing the power of a sophisticated review tracking platform and a team of reputation management experts who can speak the language of your brand. We utilize the best parts of social media monitoring software and take on the heavy lifting involved in daily response management.

Review Tracking Sheet

Enterprise-level review tracking that can accommodate multiple business locations at once

Review Metrics

Dozens of directory, review, and response metrics combined into comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Social Review Reponse

Positive, professional, and brand-focused responses for each of your customers reviews.

Social Dialogue

Consistent review follow-up, interaction, and one-on-one customer discussions

See Benefits in Action

Don't just read about our service benefits; see them in action. Book a free demo with our team today and learn how we can track your reviews and protect your brand reputation.

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