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Downside of 5-Star Google Reviews

The Downside of 5-Star Google Reviews

So, you want 5-star Google reviews.You’re not alone. “5 Star Google” has been identified as a top internet search related to reviews and brand reputation. Most people think an overall 5-star Google review score will build trust, indicate excellence, and bring in new customers.But what if a 5-star Google review rating isn’t the ideal end […]
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why retail grocery review response management

Why Review Response Management Matters In Retail & Grocery

Local retail and grocery stores have long had a local advantage. In the past, nearby customers were guaranteed to shop at their locations—regardless of their online presence or reviews. Proximity was king. However, relying on local customers unconditionally is no longer a reliable business model. Local choices are growing in many areas, the COVID-19 pandemic […]
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Google My Business Is Now Google Business Profile

Google My Business Shifts to Google Business Profile: How It Will Change Your Business

“Moving forward, we recommend small businesses manage their profiles directly on Search or Maps. To keep things simple, ‘Google My Business’ is being renamed ‘Google Business Profile.'” Matt Madrigal, VP/GM Merchant Shopping Google Has News For Local Businesses The Google My Business tool, which has evolved from other tools over the years, will now be […]
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On-Brand Review Responses

Why Online Review Responses Need To Be On-Brand

Recently a story about a LEGO customer service email went viral. In it, the writer marvels at the whimsy and delight of a customer service agent’s response to the brick woes of their customer, left with missing pieces! You can read the full email in the article that made it famous, but let’s just say […]
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local reviews help business expansion

How Local Reviews Can Help Expand Your Business

Successful entrepreneurs are rarely satisfied—and for good reason. Once you offer something unique to the marketplace and build a loyal customer following, there is always a drive to improve marketing. To innovate branding. And often, to expand locations. However, how do you know if you’re ready to adopt a new marketing strategy? To rebrand? To […]
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Social Media Not Review Management

Why Social Media Management is Not Review Management

The results of review management are well established: from the positive effects of quick responses to solving staffing issues to improving your SEO. Because of these benefits, many companies decide to pursue social media management—and assume that their social media manager will be taking care of managing reviews. However, it is likely not in the […]
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Online Reviews in 2021 and 2022

How 2021–2022 Will Change the State of Online Reviews

Now is a unique time for customer reviews, and the rapid evolution of online reviews is continuing to change the customer experience game—for the better. If you’ve ever considered a review management plan, this quick history of reviews will show you why now is the time to put a plan in action for monitoring and […]
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24 hours to respond to your customer

24 Hours to Respond to Your Customer

When your company is faced with negative reviews, how long do you have to respond? To answer this common question from companies, we need to understand the speed of negative reviews. We live in a marketplace fueled by digital conversations. In recent years, the term “word of mouth” has taken on a whole new meaning […]
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Tips for Review Response

How to Make the Most of Your Customer Reviews

Even for the best and brightest companies, online customer reviews can sometimes feel destined to hurt your company’s reputation. However, reviews are actually a platform for your customer service to shine. Sometimes that comes in the form of an excellent review because you delivered for the customer the first time. And sometimes it comes by […]
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Auto Industry Review Response

Why the Automotive Industry Needs a Review and Response Management Service

Would you make a purchase of $40,000 or more without doing your research? Neither will your market. While auto advertising effectively cultivates feelings — excitement from Lexus bows, warmth from Subaru dogs, and adventure from Mazdas peeling around corners — the resulting feelings most always lead to internet research by the consumer. And the searching […]
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