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Solve Staffing Issues

How to Solve New Staffing Issues With Proper Review Management

Welcome to 2021, when most every business in the service industry finds themselves understaffed. As a result, poor reviews are ravaging business reputations across the country. As recruitment and hiring continues, every company needs a review management plan.  Why reviews matter now, more than ever  Your staffing crisis doesn’t end with new hires. While many […]
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Reviews Impact Local SEO

Do Online Reviews Impact Local SEO?

When was the last time you opened your phone, searched for a local service or store on Google, and then called or visited that place? In the last day or so? Then you are statistically among the 46% of all Google searches considered local, which are searches commonly identified by terms such as “near me,” “in […]
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Restaurant Review Management

Why the Restaurant Industry Needs a Response Management Service for reviews

Do you read reviews before going to a restaurant? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. According to the research, most people consult reviews before they will even set foot in a restaurant. More specifically, 58% of customers use reviews to help make a restaurant selection at least one-quarter of the time, with 36% saying […]
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Remarkable Customer Experiences

Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences Through Review Response Management

The Experience Maker Interviews Let Us Respond So often we forget to put ourselves in our customers shoes and miss the small details that can make or break both customer experience and brand reputation. But what does it take to go beyond just reviews and ratings and create a truly remarkable experience? Our VP and […]
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Top Online Review Stats 2021

Top Online Review Stats in 2021

Have you ever chosen a restaurant by googling, “restaurants near me,” and reading the reviews? Who hasn’t read Amazon product reviews to select a product? Today, virtually everyone relies on some sort of peer review before making a purchase decision. Customer reviews are just as—if not more—powerful for businesses as they are for customers. Based […]
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Review Responses Are Necessary

Online Review Responses Are Necessary: How to Convince Your Boss

If you’re the head of social customer service and in charge of making sure your team answers online reviews, the following scenario may sound familiar. It’s your responsibility to make sure customers are happy, and this includes responding to all customer reviews as soon you receive them.  While the expectation is there to stay on […]
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Service Customer Reviews With A Budget

Why Dedicated Resources Are Needed for Customer Retention Why Dedicated Resources Are Needed for Customer RetentionIt’s a tale as old as time in the business world. Companies spend so much of their budgets on customer acquisition that they don’t have adequate funds left over for customer retention. This all-too-common imbalance is damaging to a retailer’s […]
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Five Effective Customer Review Response Examples

You already know it’s critical to respond to customer reviews. If you need a little reminder, consider the following: Seven out of ten consumers changed their opinion about a retailer after they responded to a review.  Businesses that reply to just one customer review earn 4% more revenue on average.  On average, when a business […]
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2021 trends for review management

Top Customer Review Management Trends in 2021

Key Takeaways for 2021 Trends for Review Management: Reviews play a significant role in local search and local search leads to sales Personalized responses to online reviews build customer trust Online customers value peer feedback that comes from reviews A review management service will help you monitor reviews and show authenticity As we move further […]
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review management lessons learned

4 Review Management Lessons From The Last 12 Months

Key Takeaways: Responding to reviews builds customer trusts and fosters customer loyalty The more 5-star reviews you acquire, the stronger your brand will be Responding to negative and neutral reviews is as important as responding to positive reviews Review management services ensure you stay on top of review responses without having to do any heavy […]
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