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Service Customer Reviews With A Budget

Why Dedicated Resources Are Needed for Customer Retention Why Dedicated Resources Are Needed for Customer RetentionIt’s a tale as old as time in the business world. Companies spend so much of their budgets on customer acquisition that they don’t have adequate funds left over for customer retention. This all-too-common imbalance is damaging to a retailer’s […]
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Five Effective Customer Review Response Examples

You already know it’s critical to respond to customer reviews. If you need a little reminder, consider the following: Seven out of ten consumers changed their opinion about a retailer after they responded to a review.  Businesses that reply to just one customer review earn 4% more revenue on average.  On average, when a business […]
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2021 trends for review management

Top Customer Review Management Trends in 2021

Key Takeaways for 2021 Trends for Review Management: Reviews play a significant role in local search and local search leads to sales Personalized responses to online reviews build customer trust Online customers value peer feedback that comes from reviews A review management service will help you monitor reviews and show authenticity As we move further […]
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review management lessons learned

4 Review Management Lessons From The Last 12 Months

Key Takeaways: Responding to reviews builds customer trusts and fosters customer loyalty The more 5-star reviews you acquire, the stronger your brand will be Responding to negative and neutral reviews is as important as responding to positive reviews Review management services ensure you stay on top of review responses without having to do any heavy […]
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net promoter score

Forget Net Promoter Score and Reputation Score. Focus on Reviews Instead!

There are several ways to evaluate your customers’ attitudes toward your brand, including Net Promoter Score surveys and reputation score analysis. While there are different ways to evaluate how customers perceive your brand, some metrics and methods are much more valuable than others when it comes to building your brand, improving your reputation, and capturing […]
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how to buy 5-star reviews

How to Buy 5-Star Online Reviews (Warning: Don’t Do It!)

You may already know first-hand how impactful capturing 5-star online reviews is to your business. Research shows that nearly all customers (95%) will read reviews before making a purchase and that 93% of consumers use those reviews to determine the quality of a business.  Not only is it common practice for people to read online […]
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Full Service Review Software

Why Full-Service Review Software is the Best Reputation Management Tool for Brick and Mortar Retailers

Did you know nine out of ten consumers worldwide read reviews before buying products? And, 76 percent of consumers say they trust the reviews they read online as much as personal recommendations. Based on this research, it’s safe to say that how people talk about you online, and how you respond plays a leading role […]
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how to remove negative reviews

How to Delete Negative Reviews (Spoiler: You Can’t)

A bad review looming on Facebook or Google is definitely a bummer for a business. The sentiment expressed by Benjamin Franklin, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it” rings slightly true in the 21st century when it comes to your online reputation.  In fact, […]
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How to Respond to Google Reviews

Google Reviews: Why You Need Them & How to Respond

Since Google is the most popular search engine, with over 5.6 billion searches per day, acquiring Google Reviews is one of the best things you can do for your business. Google is a well-oiled search machine. If you play your SEO and Google Reviews cards right, you reap the benefits of highly-targeted search results.  Google […]
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How to Respond to Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews: Why You Need Them & How To Respond

Did you know there are 2.60 billion active Facebook users, and they often use Facebook to check out businesses and review products? In fact, stats show that 78% of American consumers have discovered products to buy via Facebook. Not to mention, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 70% of […]
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