Pricing and Service Costs

How Our Pricing Works

With Let Us Respond, you get the benefits of dynamic review monitoring software combined with a team of response management experts who will help interact with customer feedback on your behalf. Our pricing not only reflects this balance but also gives your business room to grow within our platform.

Custom Service Package Components

Every business is different and your needs may vary based on a wide variety of competitors and variables specific to your industry. That's why our costs are customized to fit both your current and future state. While each business receives a unique price quote, the four primary components we factor into this packaging include:

Location Pin

Location Size
How many physical businesses or franchise operations you wish to track

Social Media Platforms

Core Review Sources
Where your audiences are interacting with your business the most online and where they stand to be in the future

Response Bubbles

Response Level
How much interaction you wish to have with each customer review and how much brand voice you wish to convey

Review Metrics

Metrics and Reports
What type of review and customer behavior data is most crucial to your business and how it can be best represented 

Costs Customized to Fit Your Needs

While there is a baseline price to get started with our software and services, we can customize a model to fit the needs of your business type as well as the feedback interaction points used by your target audience.

We understand that your industry may require specific needs and in the case of some verticals, many social media tools are either rarely used or not a good fit for your audience. This is why our software and team combination will narrow in on the platforms that can best serve your brand and customer engagement cycle during any stage of business development.

Custom Checklist
Service Scaled By Business Growth
Scaled Graph

We offer our services at scale so you can grow into the platform as your customer base and review needs increase. Not all customers are willing to provide reviews of your business right away and chances are, you may not have more than one physical business location. We understand these needs and can develop the the perfect package for you.

At Let Us Respond, we typically hone in on three areas of scale when developing a customer response strategy:

1) Targeting the social media platforms and directories most popular with your audiences first and expanding to others as they generate reviews

2) Expanding the number of business locations within your account and managing each individually or in bulk

3) Responding to an increasing number of reviews (and at a more engaged level) across a steady number of social media platforms and directories

Combined Value of Software and Service

Most social media monitoring and review tracking software puts you in direct control of analysis and customer responses, but it also means you're responsible for learning, checking, and constantly managing these tools on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Alternatively, many review response companies manually check reviews for each platform, but charge a significant fee for their time and experience.

Both options taken individually can be an expensive for startups or a headache for business trying to manage a single brand voice across multiple locations.

Let Us Respond leverages the best of both with a nimble team of response experts utilizing a powerful analytics-based review software platform. The result is a price-sensitive service model that allows you to pay for social response expertise with the efficiencies of a near real-time data management platform.

Software Plus Service

Get a Free Software Demo and Service Quote for Your Business

Your business is unique and we want to customize your price growth plan based on where your customers are engaging now and where they might be in the future. Contact us today to get a free software + service demonstration and a custom price quote.

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